Events in 2014

September 2014
1stUN International Climate Summit
May 2014
12th–13thClean Energy Ministerial 5 (CEM5)
April 2014
30thTrade in Services Agreement (TISA): Public Information Session and Discussion
10th–14thBonn Climate Change Conference
9thDialogue on the Role of Trade in the Sustainable Development Goals
9thTalking Disputes Vol. 8 The China – Rare Earths Disputes
March 2014
31stDialogue on Managing Trade & Environment Disputes
27thInternational technology transfer: Current implementation and future course of action
21stCarbon-CAP: Consumption-based Accounting and Policy
21stFirst Geneva Dialogue on Traditional Knowledge
18thMultilateral IP negotiations: Between rhetoric and reality
18thDialogue on the US Agriculture Act 2014 (Farm Bill): what implications for trade?
18thDialogue on Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes: towards a ‘permanent solution’?
12thTrade and the Sustainable Development Goals
10thDeepening India’s Engagement with Africa through better Market Access, Aid, and Investment
February 2014
3rd–7thEighth Meeting of the Open Working Group on SDGs (OWG8)
January 2014
31stSurveying the Post-Bali Landscape
28th–31st62nd Meeting of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
22nd–25thWorld Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2014
22nd–23rdWorkshop on Forests and Sustainable Development Goals – A Regional Review
21stInternational Renewable Energy Jobs Conference
20th–22ndWorld Future Energy Summit 2014 (WFES)
6th–10thSeventh Meeting of the Open Working Group on SDGs (OWG 7)