Leaked post-2013 EU Common Agricultural Policy Proposals


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cap-proposal-on-financing-and-monitoring_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.58 MB cap-proposal-on-direct-payments-post-2013_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.46 MB cap-proposal-on-wine_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.08 MB cap-proposal-on-2013-direct-payments_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.09 MB cap-proposal-on-certain-aids-and-refunds_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.09 MB cap-proposal-on-cmos_07-09-2011-16-24-40 1.28 MB cap-proposal-on-rural-development_07-09-2011-16-24-40 0.44 MB

These seven documents detail proposals made by the European Commission to the European Parliament and EU Council on the formulation of the post 2013 Common Agricultural Policy.

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  1. Britain targets substantial reduction in European farm subsidies | Agriculture Corner

    [...] leaked in advance of the formal publication on Wednesday of proposals to reform the common agriculture policy (Cap) [...]

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