Bridges Trade BioRes ReviewVolume 5Number 3 • November 2011


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Before we reach a number of important events addressing both trade and environment in December, this penultimate issue of the BioRes Review in 2011 tackles a range of trade and environment topics.

In our first article of the issue, Arunabha Ghosh – CEO of the New Delhi think tank “Council on Energy, Environment and Water” – offers a riveting analysis on the need for legal and policy clarity on the use of clean energy subsidies. Read it.

Hannes Schloemann of WTI Advisors and Marie Wilke of ICTSD then tackle the complex issues surrounding the famous WTO Tuna-Dolphin dispute between the United States and Mexico. The first iteration of this case brought home the relevance of trade rules to the environment community. Schloemann and Wilke unpack the legal issues of the case and discuss the possibilities of an appeal by Washington. Read it.

Willemien Viljoen from the South Africa-based Tralac Trade Law Centre follows with an article on the link between Aid for Trade and the transition to a green economy.  Viljoen argues that the two are crucial to African development and that future Aid for Trade plans should carefully consider past experiences. Read it.

This issue of BioRes Review features an abridged version of an article by Joy Aeree Kim, which analyses the role of trade in services at the WTO and recommends how they can be used to ensure climate change mitigating technologies are effectively diffused. Read it.

Faith Campbell of the Nature Conservancy then provides a fascinating look at potential environmental and economic impacts of the unintended importation of invasive species thorough trade in goods. Campbell calls on policymakers to ensure introductory pathways can be closed off quickly and to ensure that adequate resources are made available to sanitary and phytosanitary agencies. Read it.

Finally, in our third Rio+20 briefing, we look at the way in which trade is increasingly influencing discussions surrounding the June 2012 conference. With several countries concerned about the ways in which the term “green economy” could impinge upon their competitiveness, some are taking a more cautious approach to determining the meeting’s agenda. Read it.

With the end of 2011 now in sight, the Bridges Trade BioRes team is busily planning for two of the largest events on the trade and environment calendar: the UNFCCC’s Seventeenth Conference of the Parties (28 November-9 December in Durban, South Africa) and the WTO’s Eighth Ministerial Conference (15-17 December in Geneva, Switzerland). We are working closely with our colleagues who are planning major trade and sustainable development events that will take place on the sidelines of both meetings (to see our activities at UNFCCC COP 17 click here and to see our activities at MC8 click here).

As always, BioRes will be providing our readers with regular reporting from both events, which will be sent as special updates as the meetings unfold. At COP 17, BioRes will file three Bridges Durban Updates at the opening, midway point, and closing of the meeting. Likewise, subscribers will also receive daily briefings in the form of Bridges Daily Updates from the WTO’s Ministerial Conference.

We hope you enjoy the issue!

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