WTO Ministerial Conferences

About the WTO Ministerial Conferences

Since the first WTO Ministerial Conference held in 2006 in Singapore, ICTSD has taken an active role in providing stakeholders with accurate reporting and analysis in the lead-up, duration, and aftermath of these ministerial-level negotiation sessions.

ICTSD’s Bridges Daily Updates have been a trusted resource for anyone following the minutiae of the negotiations as the process unfolds. Subscribers to Bridges, BioRes, Bridges Africa, Puentes, Passerelles, Pontes, 桥 (Qiáo), and Мосты will automatically receive Bridges Daily Updates via email. To be added to our mailing list, write to us. Use the menu on the right to access ICTSD’s Daily Update archive in a range of languages.

In addition to our renowned on-the-ground reporting, ICTSD has also organised a Trade and Development Symposium on the sidelines of five Ministerial Conferences, including Bali. ICTSD staff also regularly participates in countless meetings and dialogues.

ICTSD’s Doha Round Briefing Series has also been a crucial resource for experts and non-experts looking to gain a better understanding of the state of play in the key negotiating groups.