Agriculture Programme

Advocates the integration of food security, equity and environmental sustainability in agricultural trade.

Aid for Trade Programme

Helps Aid for Trade beneficiaries participate fully and competitively in trade systems and global markets.

China Programme

Promotes the sustainable integration of China into global governance and international trade regimes.

Competitiveness and Development Programme

Empowers developing countries to acquire sustainable development benefits from trade liberalisation.

International Trade Law Programme

Strengthens the ability of developing countries to understand and navigate dispute settlement systems.

Regionalism Programme

Elucidates the complex interplay between the multilateral trade system and the range of regional trade agreements.

Services Programme

Aids developing countries’ efforts to increase trade flow in services sectors within sustainable frameworks.

Environment and Natural Resources Programme

Supports the sustainable use of the environment and natural resources within the international trade system.

Global Platform on Climate Change, Trade and Sustainable Energy

Promoting the transition to a low-carbon economy and a sustainable energy future.

Innovation, Technology and Intellectual Property Programme

Facilitates sustainable development outcomes in innovation, technology, and IP negotiations.