Aid for Trade Programme

About the Aid for Trade Programme

ICTSD’s programme on aid for trade seeks to provide critical analysis, evidence-based knowledge and policy discussions aimed ultimately at enhancing the effectiveness of trade-related development assistance in enabling developing and least developed countries to build the capacity to produce and trade competitively in global markets and thus participate more fully in the international trading system. Through its research and analysis, the programme intends to contribute to the policy debate surrounding the aid for trade initiative with the aim of promoting structural transformation and pursuing sustainable development through an effective utilization of aid for trade resources.

The programme focuses on the following main areas: aid for trade monitoring and evaluation; aid for trade and global value chains; aid for trade and climate change.


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  • 8th July 2013
  • 评估基层贸易援助:菲律宾的启示 自2000年以来,菲律宾收到的贸易援助达51亿美元。这有效缓解了菲律宾做为国际贸易供应方的所收到的限制,也使菲律宾成为贸易援助基金的最大受益国之一。…
  • 评估基层贸易援助:加纳的启示 自2006年以来,加纳获得的贸易援助已达到约四亿美元,成为非洲接受贸易援助最多的国家之一。加纳将贸易列为发展战略和行业政策中的重要一环,而贸易援助则对执行这些政策起到了一定的作用。…